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From time to time PASTB receives suggestions or complaints from individuals for discussion at the Board level. PASTB has been following Robert’s Rules of Order at all its meetings.

For the purpose of clarity and description of what Robert’s Rules are, the following has been approved for publication by the Board.

Procedure for bringing new items for discussion to the Board

PASTB bylaws (article 3 – section 8), requires that the Board follow Robert’s Rules of Order in all meetings. Robert’s Rules purpose is to have a set of commonly accepted rules for democratic organizations rather than each organization making up their own rules. PASTB is a democratic organization. It has a Board of Directors who collectively make decisions for PASTB by accepting the majority vote of Board members for any suggestion.

The process for presentation and discussion of any suggestion, comment, complaint and/or new idea (called “Suggestion” from here on) at the Board, is in the following manner. The enforcement of the procedure is primarily the responsibility of the Chairman.

  1. Anyone having a suggestion, called “you”, from here on, must approach a Board Member and ask them to present your suggestion to the Board. This is called asking for a “motion”. Only a Board member can make a “motion” to the Board.
  2. The Board Member must agree with your suggestion. If he/she does not agree with your suggestion, then he/she is under no obligation to present your suggestion to the Board.
  3. You may try another Board member. If no one agrees to make a “motion” on your behalf, then your suggestion will not be discussed.
  4. In lieu of approaching individual Board members, you may send an email to (or to all Board members directly) for evaluation of your suggestion. The administrator will forward your emailed suggestion to all Board members for evaluation. If a Board member likes your suggestion, then he/she will contact you to further discuss and decide how to present your suggestion to the Board. If none of the Board members agree to make a “motion” on your behalf, you will receive a response that your suggestion will not be discussed.
  5. If your idea is accepted for presentation at the Board meeting, you may attend that meeting and present your suggestion yourself or have a Board member present your suggestion.
  6. Once your suggestion gets the attention of one Board member, then that Board member will make a “motion” for discussion. The “motion” must receive a second (agreement by another Board member) before it can be discussed. If the suggestion doesn’t get a second, then it will not be discussed.
  7. Once your suggestion gets a “second”, then it will be discussed. After discussion, a vote is taken. Your suggestion will be accepted if it receives the majority of the votes.

Here’s an example: You call your state, county, city, condo association or… representative and tell him/her that you have a great suggestion for making something better or you have a complaint. If he/she agrees, he will present your suggestion to the respective Board for discussion. If he/she doesn’t agree, he/she is not obligated to present your suggestion. You try to find another representative who will listen and will agree to present your suggestion. Or you write to the Board directly.

In the end your suggestion will only get accepted if the majority of the Board members agree with it.